Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wow! It's Been Over A Month!

I 've had a busy summer but, I can't believe I've gone so long without posting anything. Recap of last months activities:

July 17- Ringling Brothers Circus "Bellobration"; go to San Antonio afterwards
July 23-Go to San Angelo and eat at Mathis Field Cafe. Drive on to Abilene to visit Papa John in the hospital. Drive to Roscoe to stay at MeeMaws.
July 25-Walter takes Board One in San Antonio. In Roscoe we celebrate Avery's, Boaz's, and Reese's birthdays.
July 26-take pictures of the cousins in the boat...tip the boat!!!
July 28-Drive back to Houston, with Mom. Stop in Llano to look at antique stores. I bought a set of china and Mom bought a Hotel Mail Cubby.
July 29-Happy Birthday Avery
Aug 4-Eduard expected to make landfall in the morning. We leave for San Antonio that afternoon.
Aug 5-Take Dad's pick-up to Llano to get our things from the store!
Aug 6-Walter and I go to Washington D.C. while Mom and Dad keep the kids.
Aug 7-Go to Navy Medical Center in Bethesda to meet with Dean of Graduate Dental School program. Get information about residency programs.
Aug 11-fly back to Texas
Aug 12-we bring the kids, and Peanut (my brother is giving us his mini dachshund), and all of our stuff back home to Houston
Aug 18-Walter goes back to school. Avery and I start homeschooling.

On Monday I also started the Body-for-Life for Women 12 week challenge. I'm having trouble remembering to eat every 2-4 hours but am otherwise doing well. I wish they had some pages in the back of the book for you to use as your Mind/Mouth/Muscle Journal.

Avery is doing well with Homeschooling. She wants me to do things the way her Beehive preschool teachers did, and she is learning that all people teach a little differently. Our first Unit is All About Me/Family. Josiah has a doctor's appointment tomorrow which will be a good way to transition to our next unit, Doctor/Dental/Human Body.