Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brady--My Guest Blogger

Next election I am not going to really vote for any candidate as much as I am going to vote against all current politicians in my district. Cielo Rodriguez just secured one vote against himself by voting in favor of Pelosi Care. I know my one measly vote doesn’t matter too much, but if enough measly votes are added together then it does matter. He’s outta here!!!!!!!!!!!! So here’s some democratic party irony. If this bill becomes law, then refusal to acquire health insurance could result in imprisonment. The whole agenda here is to make me, a healthy young person, have to get insurance in order to offset the cost of my old degenerate neighbors across the street. The way to reduced health care premiums is to enlist more low-risk candidates, essentially make a bunch of really healthy people have to pay for insurance even when they don’t think they need it, so that those who do need it won’t have to pay their own way. Their cost will be offset by the younger healthier generation. Now here comes the irony. In Texas, the average inmate costs the state somewhere in the neighborhood of $21,000 per year. Sending somebody to prison is not cheap. So let’s do some math. Currently I pay for health insurance for my wife at the rate of $98 per month, a total of $1,176 annually. Under the new legislation if my wife refused to continue paying for health coverage she could possibly face going to jail. If the average cost of imprisonment is $21,000 per year in the sate of Texas, then the daily cost is $57.53. Therefore, if my wife was required to go to jail for 30 days for failure to pay, it would cost the sate of Texas(taxpayers) $1,726. How is this going to save taxpayers any money at all?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Since before Labor Day I have been experiencing sbdominal pain. The doctor couldn't really figure out the source of the pain. They took about a gallon of blood to run mulitple tests, and found nothing abnormal. They did an abdominal CT scan to check for apendicitis, diverticulitis, kidney stones, etc...and they found nothing. Dr. Balat treated me for a small ovarian cyst, but the pain persisted. Tuesday I underwent a laproscopy/hystroscopy in order to try and find the source of the pain. I know there must have been lots of people praying for me because I found myself completely calm and at peace, even through the bloodwork and the start of the i.v.
What they found in the procedure was an ovarian cyst that was stuck to my pelvis. They removed the cyst and put the ovary back where it belongs. Then, they found endometriosis. They removed all the scar tissue and started me on hormone therapy to slow down/prevent the growth of new endo problems. People's insides are not used to being poked, prodded, scrapped, cleaned and filled with air. They protest greatly when this is done to them!
I have two small incisions that are healing quickly. I still can't lean over and am fairly sore around the incision sites. However, by Friday I no longer needed any pain medicine and could drive starting yesterday. My follow-up appt will be this Friday and we'll discuss the surgery and our treatment plan. I am so thankful that the doctor found it quickly, that is is nothing serious, and there is an end in sight!
Thankfully, my Mom was able to come on Tuesday afternoon. She was Josiah's care taker, Avery's chauffeur, the laundry maven and house cleaner. We were SOOOO glad that she was able to come and take care of us. She took Josiah home with her on Friday and he is enjoying being in Lakehills without Avery. This is the first time he has been away on his own. I think Mom and Dad are enjoying having Josiah, too!!
Avery is enjoying playing with her paperdolls...something she can't do when he is around. Since school started, I think she has felt a little left out because Josiah stays home all day with me. So, she and I have been busy. We dyed her costume fabric, bought more fabric and thread, and have cut out her costume. Tomorrow she will help me sew. This afternoon we made cookies, complete with icing and sprinkles. Avery will have a tummy ache if she eats anymore of them!! Now, she and Walter are going to watch Monsters vs. Aliens.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So Exciting!!

Josiah was so excited. Kept jumping up and down and could hardly tell me what was so great. "Mommy, guess what? (up and down) I did it, I did it. (up and down) I finded the scissors. (up and down) I used the scissors. (up and down) I cut my hair. (up and down) Now I just like Daddy."

I had to get out the clippers because he had cut huge clumps of hair here, there, and everywhere. Now his hair really is like Daddy's...not much there!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

And we're off....

Today we dropped Avery off at school, went and got my haircut, went to Half Price books and Ross for some birthday shopping, went and picked Avery up from school, showered while cooking lunch, dressed and are ready to go to Avery's Open House. When we're done at Thompson we will go pick Walter up and I he and the kids will drop me off at the doctor. He will grab a quick supper for the kids, pick me up, and we'll take Avery to her first soccer practice. After soccer, we will drop the kids off at the church for KPNO (Kid Parent Night Out), we'll go grab some supper for ourselves, and meet our sunday school class at Hermann park for food, fun, and free mosquito bites. Whew, I'm tired just typing about it!!!!

Gotta go...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bird Update

Lots of rain has coincided with Josiah's bird fear abating. Why? His umbrella. It is like a protective shield, hiding him from the bird. So now, with the rainboots he has insisted on wearing daily for months, we have to carry his umbrella with us everywhere...rain or shine.
So if your toddler ever has an irrational fear of birds, go and buy an umbrella for protection!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another First

Today Avery woke up and said, "I'm not going to school today." She apparently had a bad day yesterday, mostly because she was exhausted. You know it's bad when she comes home and takes a two hour nap!
Why was she so tired? On Monday we took the kids for a surprise visit to Sea World. At the Believe show the orcas were having a bad day. They did about 2/3s of the show and then refused to come back into the stadium and perform. Someone later said they had to cancel all subsequent shows due to their lack of cooperation! We had a great time, and all came home tired.

Tonight is Avery's first night for Children's choir and AWANAs. I'm washing her AWANAs vest and am hoping she has a great time again this year!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

This is a busy week for us.

On Monday, Walter tried out our membership to the YMCA with an hour-long workout. The kiddos get to stay downstair and play while we trek up the stairs and work, work, work.

Today was Avery's six year check-up. She was scared that she was going to get a shot. They gave her a nasal spray Flu vaccine, so she calmed down! She is going to see the Pediatric Opthamologist for a full eye exam. She is also going to have an OT follow-up, to make sure she is on track. She is heathly and growing faster than I can keep up with. I'm pretty sure she was 42" at her 5 year check-up and today she is 48". Girlfriend is tall!!

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday, she is a very special lady! Avery wants to go to her house to have cake, I told her we could make brownies instead =). I also have a dr. appt for routine blood pressure monitoring. I somehow missed my appointment last Monday in all of the back-to-school excitement!! Tomorrow evening is AWANA/Children's Choir kick-off at church. Avery did such a great job in AWANAs last year, and is excited to be going back. She has always loved choir. After two years with Ms. Jennifer, she is kind of sad to be going to a new class. I'm sure it will be fine though, she seems to adapt very well!!!

Thursday the only thing going on is Walter's Bible Study.

Friday is when Avery gets out of school early. We will have to grab a quick lunch and then head over to the dental school. She has an appointment with Walter for a cleaning and a filling. Once that is done her 'case' will be closed and he gets all of his credits for working with her. That night we are planning to go back to the Y.

On Saturday, Walter is going to take the kids swimming at the Y. We have to buy some fencing at Lowe's because Oreo has become an escape artist. I guess we will be working on that for a while and then relax!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Baby is now a school-girl!

This has been a life changing week for us. We had prayed all summer about whether to continue homschooling or to send her to school. Walter and I neither felt that we had a clear answer. So, on Thursday I asked Avery what she preferred and she said she wanted to be in a classroom. On Friday we spent the day buying school supplies and uniforms. On Monday Avery started first grade at Thompsom Elementary. Her teacher is Mrs. Shackleford and she is loving school. Patrick, Cedric, Katie, and J.D. are her new friends and she loves lunch and recess because that's when they get to talk. She gets out at 12:45 on Fridays, which I think is pretty cool!

Josiah has handled her being gone very well. We have done lots of building with legos! AND He has watched The Incredibles every day this week (which is much better than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that Avery insisted on watching everyday at this age)! Around 2:00 Josiah usually says, "I wanna see Avery." When I tell him we have to wait until she's done with school, he goes and gets his shoes and tells me, "Let's go pick her up." Since he has shoes on, I send him out to play with Oreo for a while and he seems happy with that.

Today Josiah has been afraid of a bird. What kind of bird? I have no idea. It's about to drive me crazy. A sample of how our morning has proceded...
Me: "Get out of the car."
Him: "No, the bird will get me."
Me: "Come sit at the table and eat."
Him: "No, the bird will get me."
Me: "Can you go find your shoes?"
Him: "No, I scared. The bird will get me."
Me: "Do you want to eat lunch at Sonic?"
Him: "I no go outside. The bird will get me."

Where do kids get these strange fears? When Avery was afraid of her closet, we would spray her room with Strawberry airspray--ALL Monsters are afraid of strawberries you know! So, maybe I need some Bird spray...or maybe he can use an umbrella for protection. Any ideas???
(Recently Avery saw the can oF Strawberry airspray. "Mom. There aren't really any monsters in my closet are there? And monsters aren't really afraid of strawberries are they?" I told her that there were no such things as monsters so they CAN'T be in her closet. I asked if the using the spray used to make her feel less scared. She said, "Yeah." I said that was all that mattered. I just didn't want her to be afraid.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wow! Where does the time go? How is is already July? We had a week of VBS. Then we did Sea World Camp. Avery was such a big girl, going off to camp without Mom. She had lots of fun there and really enjoyed Sting Ray day. She also had a mini-crush on her camp leader--Patrick. Her group was the Otters, but they joined rank with the Flamingos and became the Flamotters. We had the Gober family reunion in Lampasas and had fun dancing and getting to know everyone better. We went down to Memorial park and watched two different fireworks shows on July 4th. Avery loved it and Josiah kept saying, "They broke. Uh, oh." Then, Avery had theatre camp and made an adorable Sea Horse in the Rainbow Fish play. We have had a busy and fun summer.

Yesterday I met Mom in Luling and dropped off my kiddos. They are going to stay with Mom while Walter and I travel to Connecticutt. Walter has a five day externship at U. Conn and we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary. My only sadness is that I'll miss my Babygirl's birthday. I sent gifts with Mom for her to open on her special day.

Mom and the kids are in San Angelo right now. They met up with some of her ex-coworkers at the Airport Cafe. (Yum...I love thier lemon chicken!!) Then, they are heading to Roscoe for the Ladies Weekend. Avery and Josiah are both excited that they get to see all of their cousins. I hope they have lots of fun and don't have time to miss us!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Our Churches' VBS theme is Boomerang Express. They are "in" the Australian Outback. When I told Avery they were going to be having an Australian theme she was quite worried. "Mom, I don't think I can go." I asked why not. She said, "I only know English. What language to they say in Australia?" I reminded her that Dawn's friend that went to the Blue Bell Factory with us is Australian and she speaks English. After that, she thought she might could go. When we got to church this morning and she saw her friends she forgot to be worried and had a great time!!
After VBS I made sure to run a lot of errands. Next week at Sea World camp she will be there from 9-3 and I'm trying to build up some stamina.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Homeschooling has been an interesting process. We have tried several types of techniques. I know she has learned a lot this year, but I keep thinking "there has to be a better way". It is sometimes very hard for me to get Avery motivated to do anything. I have tried positive reinforcement with stickers, candy, and Polly Pockets. I have tried taking away privileges like computer time, t.v., stuffed animals, etc... It has been a challenge to find a currency in which I can deal with her. Then one day she saw my charm bracelet. She LOVES all the charms on it. She wants a charm bracelet of her own. I had finally found the motivator I've been looking for.
So, I ordered the PACE program that I used in Private school in First, Second, and Third grades. I cracked up when I got the curriculum, the pictures have not changed in 24 years!! Now, for every five PACEs Avery finishes, she will get a charm for her very own bracelet. She has had fun browsing the Internet looking for charms and making a wishbook.
I had planned on this being the last week of school because this is the last week for H.I.S.D., but Avery keeps asking when we can do more school. As long as she is interested, I'll keep reading to her and helping her with her work. Next week she will have Vacation Bible School in the mornings, so we can do school in the afternoons.
The week after that we will be in San Antonio so she can attend Sea World Camp. I think that will be enough of a learning adventure that I won't bring the PACEs with us. I have a bit of trepidation (okay a lot) about Sea World Camp. It will be the first time in her life that she will be with complete strangers for more than a couple of hours. She will be at Camp from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.--I'm sure she will be fine, but I may need some Prozac!! She has already informed me that she will try not to talk too much! I guess she knows her strengths and weaknesses!!!!! The counselor will be posting what her group is doing on Twitter, so I guess I need to figure out what that is and how to use it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Babies are Gone

Mom came to Houston on Sunday and took my babies home with her yesterday. The house is so quiet with them gone!! Last night Walter and I started talking about the kids and he said, "You do realize they've been gone less than 24 hours and we already miss them!" It was nice to sleep all night without a little one climbing in bed with us...if only we didn't have to get up early.

Walter had a Dr. appt in Clear Lake this morning, so we spent the day there. We went the doctor, Goodwill to donate some goods, Scrapbook Junkie, Mamacitas for Lunch, the movie theatre to watch Mall Cop then came back into Houston and picked up Walter's prescription at Target. Now I need to fold laundry so I can pack a suitcase cuz we are going to San Antonio sometime tomorrow. Brittney's birthday is today and she and Brady are having a party on Friday night. Brady needs Walter's help in constructing an outdoor drink stand for the party.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Funny Kids

"Mom, will you play in a band with me? I need more people to have a band."

"Why don't you ask Josiah? Can't he make music with you."

"He's too busy."

"Doing what?"

"Putting on lipstick."

"Oh my gosh. Grab it!"

We were in the car driving to Boerne when an energizing song came on the radio. Avery pulls out her air guitar and starts playing. "Mom," she yells. "What instrument are you going to play? You can play the glockenspiel." "The glockenspiel," I say increduously. "Yes Mom. You know it's like a wooden xlyphone." "Yes," I replied, "I know what it is. How do you know it?"

"Sesame Street"

The other day we went out to have Chinese food. I ordered orange chicken. When I got my plate, Josiah leaned over on my shoulder. He got a look of total disgust on his face. He poked the brocolli (covered in oranges sauce causing it to be brownish in areas). He looked at me and said, "Ribbit?" "Oh no, Baby. That's not a frog. It's just brocolli." (I don't think he was ever convinced that it was a plant instead of an amphibian!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No more brothers...No more weddings

Brandon got married March 28th to Tammy.
Throughout the ceremony Josiah kept saying, "Tammy, pretty!"
Brady got married April 24th to Brittney. We had a lot of fun dancing at the reception. Mom and Brady chose the Chicken dance for their Mother/Son dance. It was soooo Brady!
You can check out more photos on my Facebook page!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mountain Dew and Mater

It is amazing how quickly Josiah can get into trouble! He found a bottle of Mountain Dew colored paint and managed to dump it all over himself and the leather desk chair while I went to the bathroom yesterday. My first thought was "how do I get him clean without making a bigger mess?". I rolled him and the chair into the bathroom. I picked him and put him in the tub...fully dressed in shirt, shorts, belt, diaper, socks, and shoes. I pulled his clothes off and put them in the sink which I filled with soapy water. The belt and shoes were the easiest things to clean. Then, I wiped down the chair, I'm glad it came clean! I couldn't get the paint off his shirt or shorts. I think we can use the shirt for pjs. Grunge is popular right now, so maybe he can wear the shorts still and people will think they are supposed to be that way!!!

Could someone please talk to my husband? When Avery says, "that guy has teeth just like Mater," Walter should not laugh. How am I supposed to explain that it isn't nice to say that when he can't keep a straight face???

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Current Avery-isms

"Mom, do you know how big a foal is?"
"How big?"
"Smaller than a tree, but bigger than a trash can."

"Mom. Can I explain to you about the Roly-Poly Sit-u-wation?"
"Well, Josiah wanted to feel the roly poly bugs. His hands are not the right size. Only my hands are the right size. When he tried to takc the roly poly bugs, he killed them. Now, they are just laying there all dead and stuff."

Last night Walter commented that Josiah was really going to town on his corn. Today Avery told Walter that she was really coming to town on this sit-u-wation.

New Testament books: Golash-ians, Cornithians, and Thesallippians.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After a brief conversation with the nursery worker on Sunday, I feel like I'm making a positive difference in the lives of my children! One of Josiah's nursery workers has a relative named Julio. Julio is about 10 years old and is visually impaired. He frequently stays in the nursery with Josiah's group. Ms. Irma told us that Josiah intuitively goes and picks a musical toy to give to Julio. She said she has never seen a child so young that understands that Julio can't see, but that he can hear. She said that Josiah has a "good heart". I'm so proud of my little guy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Peace At Last!

Whew!!! I love Christmas with my family, but I also enjoy coming home to a quiet house!!!

We had a really great time in Roscoe this year. It was a lot of fun to have a house full of kids. They get so excited about everything and it makes everyone else excited!! Brandon and Brady both brought their fiances so we could get to know them better. They handled the chaos well. Our family is a lot like the one on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so any newcomer can get overwhelmed easily. Next year I think we need to make a pictoral family tree so Brittney, Tammy, and Sam (my cousin's hubby) can figure out everyone's name and who belongs to who!

We played a bunch of board games...with no tears, punches, or name calling!!! We also played 84 and Mexican train with the dominos. As always, we did lots of eating as well!!! There were several trips made to the K-Mart in is kind of a family tradition for everyone to get Joe Boxer pj's there. The kids did a lot of jumping on the trampoline. Avery and Brooke got along very well. They spent time reading to each other, playing in a 'band' together, playing with their babies (they were taking turns giving birth to stuffed animals), and playing in the bathroom where the little ones wouldn't bother them. Brooke wanted Avery to go outside with her, but Avery was afraid there would be ants. Brooke told her, "Don't worry Avery. The ants just bite for a little while and then they let go." Avery went out with her so I guess she was encouraged! Boaz (29 mos), Josiah (22 mos), and Reese (17mos) played with each other, stole toys/food from each other, wrestled each other, chased each other...they got along really well for how little they are!!!

The kids have spent the last couple of days playing with all their toys from Christmas. They both recieved a lot of money and today we combined it and bought a trampoline. The kids are jumping happily while Walter watches them. I have a feeling it will end up being the best gift of the year!!

I have to brag on Walter!!! I normally pick out my gift and he goes and pays for it. This year he picked something out on his own. He ordered it online and was so disappointed that it didn't get here before we left. We got home on Tuesday night and the mail was on Wednesday he gave me a great gift. It is a beautiful 1.25 carat and square cut Aquamarine ring! I love it!!!

Gotta go scrapbook...just ordered over 400 pictures at Walgreens...