Friday, August 28, 2009

My Baby is now a school-girl!

This has been a life changing week for us. We had prayed all summer about whether to continue homschooling or to send her to school. Walter and I neither felt that we had a clear answer. So, on Thursday I asked Avery what she preferred and she said she wanted to be in a classroom. On Friday we spent the day buying school supplies and uniforms. On Monday Avery started first grade at Thompsom Elementary. Her teacher is Mrs. Shackleford and she is loving school. Patrick, Cedric, Katie, and J.D. are her new friends and she loves lunch and recess because that's when they get to talk. She gets out at 12:45 on Fridays, which I think is pretty cool!

Josiah has handled her being gone very well. We have done lots of building with legos! AND He has watched The Incredibles every day this week (which is much better than Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that Avery insisted on watching everyday at this age)! Around 2:00 Josiah usually says, "I wanna see Avery." When I tell him we have to wait until she's done with school, he goes and gets his shoes and tells me, "Let's go pick her up." Since he has shoes on, I send him out to play with Oreo for a while and he seems happy with that.

Today Josiah has been afraid of a bird. What kind of bird? I have no idea. It's about to drive me crazy. A sample of how our morning has proceded...
Me: "Get out of the car."
Him: "No, the bird will get me."
Me: "Come sit at the table and eat."
Him: "No, the bird will get me."
Me: "Can you go find your shoes?"
Him: "No, I scared. The bird will get me."
Me: "Do you want to eat lunch at Sonic?"
Him: "I no go outside. The bird will get me."

Where do kids get these strange fears? When Avery was afraid of her closet, we would spray her room with Strawberry airspray--ALL Monsters are afraid of strawberries you know! So, maybe I need some Bird spray...or maybe he can use an umbrella for protection. Any ideas???
(Recently Avery saw the can oF Strawberry airspray. "Mom. There aren't really any monsters in my closet are there? And monsters aren't really afraid of strawberries are they?" I told her that there were no such things as monsters so they CAN'T be in her closet. I asked if the using the spray used to make her feel less scared. She said, "Yeah." I said that was all that mattered. I just didn't want her to be afraid.)