Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No more brothers...No more weddings

Brandon got married March 28th to Tammy.
Throughout the ceremony Josiah kept saying, "Tammy, pretty!"
Brady got married April 24th to Brittney. We had a lot of fun dancing at the reception. Mom and Brady chose the Chicken dance for their Mother/Son dance. It was soooo Brady!
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mountain Dew and Mater

It is amazing how quickly Josiah can get into trouble! He found a bottle of Mountain Dew colored paint and managed to dump it all over himself and the leather desk chair while I went to the bathroom yesterday. My first thought was "how do I get him clean without making a bigger mess?". I rolled him and the chair into the bathroom. I picked him and put him in the tub...fully dressed in shirt, shorts, belt, diaper, socks, and shoes. I pulled his clothes off and put them in the sink which I filled with soapy water. The belt and shoes were the easiest things to clean. Then, I wiped down the chair, I'm glad it came clean! I couldn't get the paint off his shirt or shorts. I think we can use the shirt for pjs. Grunge is popular right now, so maybe he can wear the shorts still and people will think they are supposed to be that way!!!

Could someone please talk to my husband? When Avery says, "that guy has teeth just like Mater," Walter should not laugh. How am I supposed to explain that it isn't nice to say that when he can't keep a straight face???