Sunday, October 25, 2009


Since before Labor Day I have been experiencing sbdominal pain. The doctor couldn't really figure out the source of the pain. They took about a gallon of blood to run mulitple tests, and found nothing abnormal. They did an abdominal CT scan to check for apendicitis, diverticulitis, kidney stones, etc...and they found nothing. Dr. Balat treated me for a small ovarian cyst, but the pain persisted. Tuesday I underwent a laproscopy/hystroscopy in order to try and find the source of the pain. I know there must have been lots of people praying for me because I found myself completely calm and at peace, even through the bloodwork and the start of the i.v.
What they found in the procedure was an ovarian cyst that was stuck to my pelvis. They removed the cyst and put the ovary back where it belongs. Then, they found endometriosis. They removed all the scar tissue and started me on hormone therapy to slow down/prevent the growth of new endo problems. People's insides are not used to being poked, prodded, scrapped, cleaned and filled with air. They protest greatly when this is done to them!
I have two small incisions that are healing quickly. I still can't lean over and am fairly sore around the incision sites. However, by Friday I no longer needed any pain medicine and could drive starting yesterday. My follow-up appt will be this Friday and we'll discuss the surgery and our treatment plan. I am so thankful that the doctor found it quickly, that is is nothing serious, and there is an end in sight!
Thankfully, my Mom was able to come on Tuesday afternoon. She was Josiah's care taker, Avery's chauffeur, the laundry maven and house cleaner. We were SOOOO glad that she was able to come and take care of us. She took Josiah home with her on Friday and he is enjoying being in Lakehills without Avery. This is the first time he has been away on his own. I think Mom and Dad are enjoying having Josiah, too!!
Avery is enjoying playing with her paperdolls...something she can't do when he is around. Since school started, I think she has felt a little left out because Josiah stays home all day with me. So, she and I have been busy. We dyed her costume fabric, bought more fabric and thread, and have cut out her costume. Tomorrow she will help me sew. This afternoon we made cookies, complete with icing and sprinkles. Avery will have a tummy ache if she eats anymore of them!! Now, she and Walter are going to watch Monsters vs. Aliens.