Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Current Avery-isms

"Mom, do you know how big a foal is?"
"How big?"
"Smaller than a tree, but bigger than a trash can."

"Mom. Can I explain to you about the Roly-Poly Sit-u-wation?"
"Well, Josiah wanted to feel the roly poly bugs. His hands are not the right size. Only my hands are the right size. When he tried to takc the roly poly bugs, he killed them. Now, they are just laying there all dead and stuff."

Last night Walter commented that Josiah was really going to town on his corn. Today Avery told Walter that she was really coming to town on this sit-u-wation.

New Testament books: Golash-ians, Cornithians, and Thesallippians.