Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snuggie, Sweet Baby, and Americans

We had a great time over the holidays, but I'm glad they are over and we are finally back into our routine. For a while, I was too busy to post, and then I couldn't remember my password =). Now, I'm back and have several funny stories about my kiddos.
A couple of weeks ago we went out to eat with some of our friends after church. They have a precious 5 month old girl named Julia. Avery was talking to Neil and Raquel about Julia. She told them that she really wished Julia could be her sister, but that since she couldn't then they could just be sisters-in-law. Then she told them that when she was a baby she slept on her daddy's tummy a lot. She said, "he is really furry so he kept me real warm, he's kinda like a Snuggie." Gotta love it!!!
Josiah and I were running errands one day while Avery was in school. He told me he wanted a sweet baby. I asked if he wanted a baby brother or sister. No, he said, he wanted a SWEET BABY. I told him that he is my sweet baby, that we don't need another one. He was quite put out with me that I was not understanding him. "No, Momma! I wanna sweet baby. In the box. Under your arm." So, I opened the console to see if I could figure out what he was talking about. He has a great memory! He wanted the box of Sugar Babies...I don't know how long they have been in there. I gave him the box and he was a sweet boy!!!
Avery has had a great time at school. She has made a lot of friends and has done very well academically. She has never mentioned the racial difference between her and her classmates. But, they got new homework folders this week. Each folder has a cute little kid on the front. Avery was highly indignant that all of her classmates have brown people and she has a white one. She said that she was upset, so Mrs. Shackelford told her that it was because all of her classmates are something-Americans and she is just regular American. She said that made her more upset. I asked if Mrs. Shackelford said they were African American. "Yeah. Why can't I be African American too?" "The only way you can be African American is if you move to Africa!" I told her. She seemed to accept that answer, but she is probably still scheming...trying to figure out how to be something-American.