Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Distracted Crafter

Now that it's June,  I decided to make my first new post of 2011.  I just a little behind...

I'm thinking about changing the name of my blog to the distracted crafter.  It has been the theme of the year!  I'm almost finished with the paper mache letters I started painting for Kenzie in January.  I totally forgot the last day of Mother's Day Out and hurriedly whipped up a reusable shopping bag.  I made three shepherd costumes and three milk maid for Avery's school play, Bebop with Aesop.  I have started a mini scrapbook with pictures from Avery's seventh birthday (yes I know she'll be 8 in July).  I have been making beads and jewelry from polymer clay. I made several necklaces, bracelets, and earrings during this season of American Idol.  I'm sure there are more things in the works, I'm just too distracted to think about them :).
I wish I could say that this distractability was a recent development.  However, a few days ago I found a bag of fabric, cut out into some really cute outfits I planned on making for Avery when she was THREE.  I'm in the process of organizing my fabric, patterns, and notions.  I'm hoping that organization will help me stay focused on a project long enough to finish it!!!  I have a bunch of fabric from multiple donors that I just need to part with.   It is frustrating to find a pattern I want to use and then I go to my fabric dresser and can't find a single fabric suitable.

I have decided to home school the kids next year.  We will be using PACEs from Accelerated Christian Education (It is what I used for First-Third grade).  Avery has been taking the diagnostic tests and will begin in Fourth grade Science, Social Studies, and and Fifth grade paces to start.  Josiah will start with the pre-K program but should finish by Christmas.  Then, I'll start the Kindergarten work with him.  We are in the process of changing some rooms around so that we can have a separate classroom.  Walter has been putting off helping me move the furniture, so I may have to hire some movers for a morning.  I am painting all of the shelves and bookcases Valspar's Summer leaf which is a nice light green, and the walls are going to be Sweet Dreams which is a light blue.  The color palette should be called:  world map colors.  It should be nice, yet calm.
Hopefully I will remember to post pictures of at lease SOME of these items.  Until then, I'm off to start, um I mean, off to FINISH some projects.