Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brady--My Guest Blogger

Next election I am not going to really vote for any candidate as much as I am going to vote against all current politicians in my district. Cielo Rodriguez just secured one vote against himself by voting in favor of Pelosi Care. I know my one measly vote doesn’t matter too much, but if enough measly votes are added together then it does matter. He’s outta here!!!!!!!!!!!! So here’s some democratic party irony. If this bill becomes law, then refusal to acquire health insurance could result in imprisonment. The whole agenda here is to make me, a healthy young person, have to get insurance in order to offset the cost of my old degenerate neighbors across the street. The way to reduced health care premiums is to enlist more low-risk candidates, essentially make a bunch of really healthy people have to pay for insurance even when they don’t think they need it, so that those who do need it won’t have to pay their own way. Their cost will be offset by the younger healthier generation. Now here comes the irony. In Texas, the average inmate costs the state somewhere in the neighborhood of $21,000 per year. Sending somebody to prison is not cheap. So let’s do some math. Currently I pay for health insurance for my wife at the rate of $98 per month, a total of $1,176 annually. Under the new legislation if my wife refused to continue paying for health coverage she could possibly face going to jail. If the average cost of imprisonment is $21,000 per year in the sate of Texas, then the daily cost is $57.53. Therefore, if my wife was required to go to jail for 30 days for failure to pay, it would cost the sate of Texas(taxpayers) $1,726. How is this going to save taxpayers any money at all?