Friday, May 29, 2009


Homeschooling has been an interesting process. We have tried several types of techniques. I know she has learned a lot this year, but I keep thinking "there has to be a better way". It is sometimes very hard for me to get Avery motivated to do anything. I have tried positive reinforcement with stickers, candy, and Polly Pockets. I have tried taking away privileges like computer time, t.v., stuffed animals, etc... It has been a challenge to find a currency in which I can deal with her. Then one day she saw my charm bracelet. She LOVES all the charms on it. She wants a charm bracelet of her own. I had finally found the motivator I've been looking for.
So, I ordered the PACE program that I used in Private school in First, Second, and Third grades. I cracked up when I got the curriculum, the pictures have not changed in 24 years!! Now, for every five PACEs Avery finishes, she will get a charm for her very own bracelet. She has had fun browsing the Internet looking for charms and making a wishbook.
I had planned on this being the last week of school because this is the last week for H.I.S.D., but Avery keeps asking when we can do more school. As long as she is interested, I'll keep reading to her and helping her with her work. Next week she will have Vacation Bible School in the mornings, so we can do school in the afternoons.
The week after that we will be in San Antonio so she can attend Sea World Camp. I think that will be enough of a learning adventure that I won't bring the PACEs with us. I have a bit of trepidation (okay a lot) about Sea World Camp. It will be the first time in her life that she will be with complete strangers for more than a couple of hours. She will be at Camp from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.--I'm sure she will be fine, but I may need some Prozac!! She has already informed me that she will try not to talk too much! I guess she knows her strengths and weaknesses!!!!! The counselor will be posting what her group is doing on Twitter, so I guess I need to figure out what that is and how to use it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Babies are Gone

Mom came to Houston on Sunday and took my babies home with her yesterday. The house is so quiet with them gone!! Last night Walter and I started talking about the kids and he said, "You do realize they've been gone less than 24 hours and we already miss them!" It was nice to sleep all night without a little one climbing in bed with us...if only we didn't have to get up early.

Walter had a Dr. appt in Clear Lake this morning, so we spent the day there. We went the doctor, Goodwill to donate some goods, Scrapbook Junkie, Mamacitas for Lunch, the movie theatre to watch Mall Cop then came back into Houston and picked up Walter's prescription at Target. Now I need to fold laundry so I can pack a suitcase cuz we are going to San Antonio sometime tomorrow. Brittney's birthday is today and she and Brady are having a party on Friday night. Brady needs Walter's help in constructing an outdoor drink stand for the party.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Funny Kids

"Mom, will you play in a band with me? I need more people to have a band."

"Why don't you ask Josiah? Can't he make music with you."

"He's too busy."

"Doing what?"

"Putting on lipstick."

"Oh my gosh. Grab it!"

We were in the car driving to Boerne when an energizing song came on the radio. Avery pulls out her air guitar and starts playing. "Mom," she yells. "What instrument are you going to play? You can play the glockenspiel." "The glockenspiel," I say increduously. "Yes Mom. You know it's like a wooden xlyphone." "Yes," I replied, "I know what it is. How do you know it?"

"Sesame Street"

The other day we went out to have Chinese food. I ordered orange chicken. When I got my plate, Josiah leaned over on my shoulder. He got a look of total disgust on his face. He poked the brocolli (covered in oranges sauce causing it to be brownish in areas). He looked at me and said, "Ribbit?" "Oh no, Baby. That's not a frog. It's just brocolli." (I don't think he was ever convinced that it was a plant instead of an amphibian!)