Monday, June 1, 2009


Our Churches' VBS theme is Boomerang Express. They are "in" the Australian Outback. When I told Avery they were going to be having an Australian theme she was quite worried. "Mom, I don't think I can go." I asked why not. She said, "I only know English. What language to they say in Australia?" I reminded her that Dawn's friend that went to the Blue Bell Factory with us is Australian and she speaks English. After that, she thought she might could go. When we got to church this morning and she saw her friends she forgot to be worried and had a great time!!
After VBS I made sure to run a lot of errands. Next week at Sea World camp she will be there from 9-3 and I'm trying to build up some stamina.


Paper Dolls said...

Avery is funny some of the time! I think she is so smart and creative and I am sure she would find a way to communicate in any foreign speaking place she went to. Loved keeping the little man. He moves like Brady, appears to think a lot like Brandon and looks a whole lot like his momma, sorry Walter....Those big blue eyes,twinkling and dimples beaming are so much like Scha it startles me some of the time!