Sunday, July 13, 2008

Orcas, Penguins, and an Octopus

Today we celebrated Avery's birthday with a Sea World themed party.

Before church everyone pitched in and helped blow up balloons. A living room full of balloons is a lot of fun for all kids (big and small)! Brady, Britany, Avery, Walter, and Josiah were having a blast hitting the balloons, tossing them in the air, and bouncing them off each other.
I set up a killer whale sign, a penguin sign, and an octopus sign to lead the way into the backyard. There we had a sprinkler, a slip and slide, a baby pool, and a pool at the bottom of the slide. Even with the slip and slide lubed up with Baby shampoo, the kids couldn't really run and slide, I guess they are still too young. However, the kids had a great time in the water. I think their favorite thing was the slide into the pool!!! It was not unbearably hot outside, so the adults enjoyed themselves as well. (That was my biggest concern in planning an outdoor party in July--in Houston!) Avery's cake was so cute, we had it made at Hoffman's in San Angelo...worth every penny!!! Walter painted us a Photo shoot Shamu...doesn't Brady look so cute??? Avery is such a sweetie. She would thank people for giving her a gift, before she even opened the present!!! Tonight when we said our prayers, she thanked God for the blessings of her family. So thank you everyone, for coming to the party and making Avery feel loved!!!