Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After a brief conversation with the nursery worker on Sunday, I feel like I'm making a positive difference in the lives of my children! One of Josiah's nursery workers has a relative named Julio. Julio is about 10 years old and is visually impaired. He frequently stays in the nursery with Josiah's group. Ms. Irma told us that Josiah intuitively goes and picks a musical toy to give to Julio. She said she has never seen a child so young that understands that Julio can't see, but that he can hear. She said that Josiah has a "good heart". I'm so proud of my little guy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Peace At Last!

Whew!!! I love Christmas with my family, but I also enjoy coming home to a quiet house!!!

We had a really great time in Roscoe this year. It was a lot of fun to have a house full of kids. They get so excited about everything and it makes everyone else excited!! Brandon and Brady both brought their fiances so we could get to know them better. They handled the chaos well. Our family is a lot like the one on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so any newcomer can get overwhelmed easily. Next year I think we need to make a pictoral family tree so Brittney, Tammy, and Sam (my cousin's hubby) can figure out everyone's name and who belongs to who!

We played a bunch of board games...with no tears, punches, or name calling!!! We also played 84 and Mexican train with the dominos. As always, we did lots of eating as well!!! There were several trips made to the K-Mart in is kind of a family tradition for everyone to get Joe Boxer pj's there. The kids did a lot of jumping on the trampoline. Avery and Brooke got along very well. They spent time reading to each other, playing in a 'band' together, playing with their babies (they were taking turns giving birth to stuffed animals), and playing in the bathroom where the little ones wouldn't bother them. Brooke wanted Avery to go outside with her, but Avery was afraid there would be ants. Brooke told her, "Don't worry Avery. The ants just bite for a little while and then they let go." Avery went out with her so I guess she was encouraged! Boaz (29 mos), Josiah (22 mos), and Reese (17mos) played with each other, stole toys/food from each other, wrestled each other, chased each other...they got along really well for how little they are!!!

The kids have spent the last couple of days playing with all their toys from Christmas. They both recieved a lot of money and today we combined it and bought a trampoline. The kids are jumping happily while Walter watches them. I have a feeling it will end up being the best gift of the year!!

I have to brag on Walter!!! I normally pick out my gift and he goes and pays for it. This year he picked something out on his own. He ordered it online and was so disappointed that it didn't get here before we left. We got home on Tuesday night and the mail was on Wednesday he gave me a great gift. It is a beautiful 1.25 carat and square cut Aquamarine ring! I love it!!!

Gotta go scrapbook...just ordered over 400 pictures at Walgreens...