Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Look

Okay, it's been 10 months since my last post. Ridiculous! I've given my blog a pretty new look to help motivate me to keep posting new stuff about my precious kiddos!

Monday night Josiah asked if we could move to a new house. I asked if he wanted a new house in Maryland. He looked quite disgusted and said no, he wants to move back to Texas. Poor baby, I do too! Mom will soon be coming for a two week visit. I'm hoping that will help us all with our homesickness. San Antonio today is 80 degrees and clear, and here it is 55 degrees and pouring! My fingers are quite frigid as I type, but I don't want to give in and turn on the heater this early in the season! We are not really appreciating having an Autumn. I'm afraid that winter might just do us in!!!
There are a lot of good things here. We have found a great church and joined a Monday night small group. Josiah and I joined a MOPS group and are looking forward to our meetings and play dates. Avery is taking ballet, tap, and jazz at the Community center and taking Spanish after school. She joined Girl Scouts (Brownies) and the two of us went on a camping trip with them this past weekend. Walter is doing well in his residency. He is looking forward to the annual American Prosthedontics Association's conference in Orlando this Nov. He is hoping to see both professors and classmates from UTDB.
Josiah and I went to IKEA this morning and people were amused at him chanting I-K-E-A through the store. I love the As-Is section where I bought $120 worth of curtains for a mere $9. I now have enough for the wall of windows + sliding door in the playroom. The kids want to go with a Farm theme in the playroom, but right now I believe the theme would best be described as Chaos!! Maybe Mom can help with that when she is here.
This is about the time of year when I usually start stressing over Christmas gifts. It feels great to know that all my gifts have already been purchased! It was one thing I made sure to do before leaving Texas in July. The gifts are all waiting in Roscoe! Now I can focus on crafts, sewing, and scrapbooking. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Well, I just heard Walter walk in. I'll bee back soon.