Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little Sad

Mom came and stayed with us for 12 days...much too short of a visit.  There were tears all around when we dropped her off at the airport this afternoon.  We have to comfort ourselves with the thought that we will be in Texas from Dec 21st-Jan 1st.
We crammed in as much fun as possible while she was here.  We visited the park  to enjoy the colors of fall, went to Brookside Garden, went to Avery's Brownies investiture ceremony, Trunk-or-Treat, pumpkin patch, fabric stores, the B & O railroad museum and more.  We discovered that if you wait until the day after Halloween to go to the pumpkin patch, you get your pumpkins for free!!!  I introduced Mom to my favorite Thrift store and she made some purchases of her own!!  She recovered my kitchen chairs, sewed curtains, and helped recover some upholstered chairs for the living room.  We got the house clean and organized...including the terrible playroom.  She and the kids had several 'slumber parties' downstairs where there was popcorn, cupcakes, Uno, dominoes, and FUN!  We look forward to having more family come and visit, and we hope it is soon!!
Josiah and Avery both say their favorite thing to do with Mia, was learning to play Uno.