Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy Week

Tuesday afternoon we took the kids to the Museum of Natural History. It is free after 2 pm to see the general exhibits. We got to see some beautiful gems and jewelry. Some very interesting is amazing how beautiful rocks can be!!! There is a Chemistry exhibit. It reinforced the concept of gas, liquid, and solid that Avery learned at preschool this week. The energy exhibit was neat. It took you through the processes of producing energy. It had some examples of crude oil from around the world that surprised me with an array of colors!

What interested Avery the most were the DINOSAURS. We saw them first. Then each time Walter and I tried to see the other exhibits, Avery constantly asked when we were going back to see the dinosaurs! She was more than a little leery of the life size replica of Ankylosaurus, complete with skin, armor, teeth...I stuck my hand in it's mouth and she finally relaxed when it didn't move! Her favorite was the Triceratops even though it was just the head...or maybe because it was just the head!!! She found the Pterodactyl to be very fascinating, but didn't like to be upstairs looking out over an open floor!!!

On Wednesday they had Water day at Beehive. All of the kiddos wore their swimsuits. There were four kiddie pools set up to play in. They had attached a sprinkler upside down on the monkey bars with a pool underneath that the kids could 'shower' under. There was a pool at the bottom of the slide that was great fun! There was a water table, a baby doll bathing center, and doll clothes washing center, and a water bucket/paint brush center that the kids used to 'paint' the playhouse. All of the kids had a blast!!

Wednesday night was Avery's Spring Choir concert. The Quarter Notes were adorable in their animal costumes. Claire Knuckles was the most adorable Rooster!! The Half Notes sang really well. They were supposed to stand with their hands behind their backs...too hard for Avery. She tried, but fell down twice and finally gave up. I guess that is something with can talk to Miss Sue, the OT, about focusing on next. They sang Seek Ye First which Avery calls the Louie song. You know, "Hall-le-lu, Hall-le-Louie-ya."

Tuesday was Walter's last day of class for Spring semester, YEAH!!!!! All of his grades have been posted and he is doing a great job! He has a short summer session and will take Board I in July. After that, Dental school will be a lot easier. He will start having more clinic, more patients, more fun and less class, less studying, and less stress. He gets to try his hand at being the patient in June. He is going to have his wisdom teeth removed by one of the Fourth year residents. One of the upperclassmen is redoing a porcelain crown that has been bothering Walter, and that he says was not made correctly to begin with! Then, I get to be Walter's patient because I have two cavaties that he feels were caused by night-time reflux.

Only one more week of Beehive, then Avery is free for the summer. I'm not sure she really understands that she's not going back, and that her friends will all be going to Kindergarten in various school throughout the area. Several Moms have talked about setting up playdates during the summer, so I'm hoping that occassionally seeing her friends will help make the transition easier. I'm sure a few more trips to see the Dinosaurs will help ease the pain!!!