Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

What better day to create a blog about my kids than Mother's day!?! At the Beehive, they made a silhouette of Avery for me. Today at church, they had professional photographers on hand to take complementary pictures of Mom's and thier families. Then Avery made a plaster hand print in Sunday School. What wonderful gifts!!!

Tomorrow is my last time to work at Beehive! There are only two weeks left until summer, and I don't know how the year has passed so quickly. I spoke to Avery's teachers on Friday and they both feel like theatre classes would be great for Avery. Mrs. Sanchez told me that last week she had some time to fill and asked the kids if anyone had a favorite song they would like to sing. She said Avery raised her hand and said, "I do!!" Avery stood up and began singing Jesus Loves Me. Afraid of what other parents might say, Mrs. Sanchez stopped the song and asked for other suggestions...but thought it was funny that Avery was confident enough to stand and sing solo.

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