Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday we went to Surfside Beach just to hang out and have fun. On the trip down, Avery was looking at a book about Dinosaurs. She was telling us all about the Pterodactyl. Then she and Walter got into a discussion about Ostriches...that they are really big birds, but that they can't fly. Avery told Walter that Penguins are big birds that don't fly. Walter said that they 'fly' underwater and do great acrobatic swimming. Avery said, "Yeah, and the Flingos are big birds." It took Walter a minute, "Flingos, huh?" "Yeah, Dad. They are big pink birds." It finally clicked with Walter, "OH, flamingos can fly!"

Walter and I were the only parents who made our kiddos wear a life preserver, but the kids are too young too protest!! The temperature outside was only mid-70's and the water was pretty cold. We would let Josiah play in the water about 20 minutes at a time, then we would take turns wrapping him in a towel and holding him. Avery never acted like she noticed the cold. She helped find seashells, she played in the sand, she has a little floaty/boat that she would let us take her into the wake, and she 'swam' in the shallow water. I thought seashell hunting was a great way to work on her visual discrimination. I told her she could only bring whole shells that had gray on them. She did a great job too!

As we piled back into the car, we put a Pull-up and a tank top on Avery. We asked her to put on her shorts while we drove to the bathrooms, about 4 miles away. I assumed she minded and didn't think about it anymore. As we neared the store, I asked if she had on her shoes. She said, "No, and I don't have on any shorts either." Walter told her to put her shorts on. She said, "NO." I said in my best Mommy voice, "Avery Nicole!" She quickly replied, "I didn't say no I'm not putting on my shorts. I said 'Oh, no. I've got to put my shorts on!'"
Yeah, right!